Mastech InfoTrellis recently collaborated with one of the largest beauty supply retailers in the United States that provides one-stop shopping for salon products and services. This company focuses on providing affordable indulgence to their customers by combining one-stop shopping in convenient locations with a specialty retailer's distinctive environment and experience.


The company experienced rapid growth over the years and found itself having multiple systems that offer similar functionality in their contact centers. As growth continued, the organization experienced significant call and email volumes leading to higher operational costs. New channels were introduced, which complicated matters further, leading to less than desirable customer experiences. With 60 agents during peak times, they needed to address the problem. They decided to evaluate their contact center operation, processes, and supporting technologies and recognized a widening gap in their opportunity to allow customers to self-serve.

Realizing self-service and multi-channel options as key contributors to reducing contact center costs, they revisited their current capabilities and determined that a lack of solid cross-channel experiences was the root cause. The organization evaluated solutions in the marketplace and determined re-platforming was the right path to close this gap!


Mastech InfoTrellis outlined the path for this retailer to reduce email and call volumes, enhance agent ability to field inquiries, and improve the online experience. Through advancements with a robust knowledge base tool, web self-service smart assistance, and intelligent interaction routing, the solution addressed their issues to decrease operational costs and reduce phone and email volumes. To further enhance the customer experience, they also sought to tie together their e-commerce transactions with their customer self-service interactions. To enable a smooth transition from the buying and post-sales service experience, Mastech InfoTrellis integrated their customer service platform with their e-commerce platform.


Over 6 weeks, Mastech InfoTrellis implemented the reimagined solution. Since then, the solution has helped:

  • Reduce phone and email volumes by improving Incident and Contact Management interactions
  • Enable robust Knowledge Management capabilities to promote easier self-service experiences
  • Introduce Machine Learning functionality to assist in decreasing contact interactions
  • Enhance Customer Portal web experience by syndicating knowledge content across the .com site for seamless user experience
  • Migrate legacy Contact and Case data to limit disruption during customer service operations
  • Provide deep insight into customer and operational analysis through Advanced Analytics
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