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Are customer experience solutions working for insurance providers?

The answer is a big YES! Insurance is all about relationships, and you already have all you need to build a relationship with your customer – their data! We can help you make the best use of that data with a custom digital insurance solution based on your firm’s unique requirements.

What are the key challenges?

How can you increase your share of customer wallets?

What kind of products and services should you provide?

How do you increase customer satisfaction and loyalty?

When and how do you launch effective marketing campaigns?

Technology solutions aren’t always met with the right actions

The fintech solution stacks manage the financial relationship, not necessarily the customer experience.

Applications, data, and analytics are fragmented and fall short of yielding the intended ROI.

Rich data collected is not monetized to benefit either the customers or the insurance firms.

Customer interactions are not considered while planning marketing campaigns.

Turbocharging CRM Decisions with Predictive Analytics

Data Analytics can be the key to improving customer engagement at Banks. Read how Predictive Analytics can transform your CRM to react quickly to changing customer dynamics and drive decisions based on deep insights.

CX Unleashed for with Oracle

Listen to John Kariotis, VP and GM Customer Experience at Mastech InfoTrellis, in conversation with Michel Van Woudenberg, Vice President CX FSI at Oracle Product Development, about the new trends seen in the banking sector and what's changed for the consumers in the new normal.

The Power of Customer Journey Mapping

It’s hard to improve the customer experience without a clear understanding of their actual experience. Experts at Mastech InfoTrellis explore the right approach to Customer Journey Mapping and some common pitfalls to avoid.

Mastech InfoTrellis’ innovative CX Solutions to drive digital transformation in insurance

Each firm is unique, and traditional approaches to digital insurance solutions may not provide your institution with the best results. Customer Experience is not just about installing software - it’s a business philosophy that starts from the boardroom and extends to the entire organization to drive the digital transformation.

Our CX approach is critical to any initiative as it defines the requirements, architecture, costs, benefits, and return on investment that mature customer experiences provide.

Our solution will:

CX Objectives

Realign your CX objectives with your corporate goals

CX arget areas

Define target areas for the return on your investment

 CX roadmap

Refine your CX roadmap to show the phases, projects, and initiatives

CX solution process

Design sales, service, marketing, and branch operation processes

CX end-to-end development

Manage the end-to-end development and implementation of your enabling technology

CX benefits

Deliver plans to empower staff with the benefits of CX

CX Offerings:

Customer Experience Advisory Services

Customer Experience Advisory Services

Create an effective roadmap to drive better Customer Experiences across the enterprise.

Customer Experience Accelerators

Customer Experience Accelerators

Reduce time-to-value for multiple Customer Experience projects at a lower cost.

Customer Experience as a Service

Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS)

Leverage our expertise that’s tailored to manage specific needs of insurers across the Customer Experience value chain to drive digital transformation for the insurance industry.

CX banking case study

Read about how we increased the marketing ROI of a leading Insurance provider in the US with a CX approach to marketing.

Here is how our CX Strategy helped a bank grow its customer base and increase customer profitability by 10%

Mastech InfoTrellis combines its strong domain and technological expertise to ensure you engage with your customers better and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

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