Benefits Of Data Governance

Data Governance helps in achieving cross-organizational success with deeper insights while protecting the data.

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

Protect customer trust by enhancing security, enabling auditability, and improving control and compliance

Improved Data Quality

Improved Data Quality

Get maximum value out of enterprise data by improving Data Quality

Accelerated Automation

Accelerated Automation

Accelerate automation with AI and ML by ensuring customer data is accurate and protected

Data Governance Framework
Data Governance Framework

Mastech InfoTrellis Data Governance Packages

Mastech InfoTrellis helps clients implement proven Data Governance frameworks based upon a future-state roadmap. Get a detailed blueprint that will document a phased implementation and help enterprises identify the right Data Governance platforms to deliver measurable ROI.

Mastech InfoTrellis is now an IBM Gold Business Partner. We ensure that our clients leverage the latest and advanced technologies and solutions to accelerate their business growth. As an IBM Global Elite Partner, we provide Data Governance solution packages that include IBM Cloud Pak for Data base packs built over unique IPs and accelerators. We also help clients implement IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog and provide 24x7 Managed Services.

Data Governance Assessment


The Data Governance Assessment package provides an in-depth look at a company’s data, management processes, and governance policies. It provides recommendations and an achievable implementation roadmap that will enable enterprises to achieve better ROI on their data.

Data Governance Expertise


The Data Governance Expertise package provides enterprises expert help on hardware specifications, installation, configuration skills, and support for faster product implementation and rapid platform deployment.

Data Governance Develop


The Data Governance Develop package is a four-week package to implement a single targeted Use Case and quickly turn it into a usable Proof of Concept or Pilot implementation. This includes architecture development, installation, and configuration of the Data Governance environment.

Data Governance Implementation


The Data Governance Implementation package provides architecture development, installation, and configuration services, delivering a phase one production implementation of a specified Data Governance tool. It includes one development and one production environment and everything a company needs to get their initial implementation into production.