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Meet your customer expectations anywhere and anytime by delivering efficient and on-time field service

Customer expectations are increasing, and enterprises must offer efficient, personalized service everywhere, especially the on-site team who have personal interactions with your customers. Siloed teams in the field, sub-optimal resource allocation, lack of mobile support, and lack of integration with CRM make managing field service operations difficult. Here is a solution from Mastech InfoTrellis to empower your Field Service team with intuitive AI-powered tools for routing, scheduling, and managing field service technicians.

Customer-centric solutions from Mastech InfoTrellis leveraging Oracle Field Service Cloud


Seamless Work Orders with Appointment Integration

Integrate your appointments into Field Service Cloud so that they can be routed to the appropriate technician and update the status in real-time for better coordination. Set up critical data points like geographies, work skills, employee calendars, profiles, permissions, custom fields, and technician capacity to accurately determine work-order schedules.


Right Person on the Right Job, at the Right Time

Assign appointments to the right technician using a self-learning, ML-generated performance pattern profile—or work fingerprint—for all field employees. AI-powered algorithms estimate work completion times and optimize the technician’s routes. Armed with this information, dispatchers will only have to worry about exceptions. No more missed appointments!


Information On-the-go with Mobile Integration

Equip your teams to deliver top-notch service by arming them with the right information and technology on the field. Mobile interfaces designed as per your business needs - from simple one-click interfaces to complex interfaces for clients that follow certain compliance standards like a safety checklist, signoff from the client, or detailed documentation, we have it covered.


Make Intelligent Decisions Quickly with Analytics

Enhance your customer’s insights through field service analytics that assists and interacts with customers in a conversational manner. Track performance, discover skill gaps and predict staffing needs, and improve resource utilization with our analytic insights. Our Field Service Analytics Accelerator comes packed with powerful KPI Analytics that can be up and running in 8 weeks.

Transform your field service with a solution tailored to your needs


Accelerators for Energy Auditors

Consumers expect higher professionalism, bedside manner, and quality of work from Energy Auditors. Exceed their expectations with a combination of mobile digital technology and consulting services.

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Accelerators for Manufacturers

Higher the price tag, the higher the expectations. Arm your mobile resources and dispatchers with the necessary information to meet customer expectations.

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Accelerators for Oil and Gas

Optimize field service operations with intelligent systems and sophisticated business analytics to manage crews, projects, and tasks in different parts of the world.

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Success Stories

Learn how enterprises across the world optimized their field service operations to increase productivity and deliver a superior customer experience.

Case Study

Customer Experience Platform for a Leading Factory Automation Solution Provider

Mastech InfoTrellis recently helped an industry-leading automation solutions provider in North America create an exceptional customer experience that was delivered through a lifecycle-oriented services platform to expand after-sales support for its global customer base. We automated the work order process by integrating Oracle Field Services with resource planning which improved visibility into the actual workforce capacity, intelligently set and adjusted quotas, and observed critical tasks' lockdown capacity.

Warranty service provider

Enhancing Customer Experience for a Leading Home Warranty Service Provider

Mastech InfoTrellis recently helped an industry-leading home warranty provider in North America create an exceptional customer experience by streamlining their claims management process. Our solution leveraged the Oracle Field Service platform to reduce the time from claim submission to resolution. The improved tracking of time spent on investigations with Field Service mobility brought in significant reforms for field service operations and reduced operational costs.

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