First-Party Data Solution

Mastech InfoTrellis' First-Party Data Solution powered by Aqfer enables marketers and ad networks to manage the phasing out of third-party cookies while improving the collection, management, and activation of enterprise data​.

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92% of leading marketers believe using first-party data to continuously build an understanding of what people want is critical to growth.

Data collected through third-party cookies has long been the fuel for running targeted, top-of-the-funnel marketing display advertising campaigns. However, privacy concerns have brought about significant browser changes that eliminate support for third-party cookies. This limits a brand’s ability to connect with consumers on their site beyond a single-day window, which makes accurate ad campaign measurement difficult. Moreover, ad-blockers and browser changes are increasingly having a negative impact on online advertising effectiveness​.

Collecting data responsibly and owning the data entirely without having to depend on a third-party aggregator is a must for enterprises to successfully run marketing campaigns.

Architecting CX Intelligence: A Conversation with Aqfer on How to Digest the Cookie apocalypse

In this episode of CX Unleashed, listen to John Kariotis, VP and GM, Customer Experience, Mastech InfoTrellis, and Dan Jaye, CEO and Co-Founder, Aqfer, chat about First-Party Data and how to survive the 'cookiepocaplyse' without becoming a digital zombie.

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First-Party Data Services by Mastech InfoTrellis

A solution to help marketers and ad networks to phase out third-party cookies

Mastech InfoTrellis’ First-Party Universal Tag solution powered by Aqfer delivers a technology solution for the death of the third-party cookie while delivering detailed data advertisers can use for analytics and media optimization.

The Universal Tag offers marketers a first-party, global CDN delivered, ultra-low-latency, regulatory compliant tag management solution. Our solution helps marketers implement intelligent data-driven marketing strategies by improving the collection, management, and activation of their digital data. We use HTTP cookies that are served from the advertisers’ domain, creating first-party tags that are marketer-owned and managed.

How does our solution help navigate the nuances of today’s first-party tagging landscape?

  • Security and compliance for GDPR/CCPA by owning the data and knowing where and when we obtained the digital data
  • Ability to attribute digital activity to the marketing campaigns and sales
  • Can be integrated into any data environment across the organization proving real business value for cross-channel analytics
  • Support cookie generation and recognition for data
  • Ability to reconcile AdTech and MarTech identities
  • ID Synchronization and Data Governance enhancement
  • Ensures consent in accordance with GDPR

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Success Stories of our First-Party Data Services

Grocery delivery service provider

How Universal Tag Solution helped drive engagement at scale by 50%

Powered by Aqfer, we helped a leading global publisher and advertising tech service streamline its tag management in an optimal costing chain. The solution helped create a high degree of reliability while freeing engineers to focus on more critical issues.


The solution resulted in a 50% reduction in tag management costs. It enabled Data engineers to focus on priority tasks by effectively managing their time in addition to improving enterprise performance.

  • Better utilization of marketing budgets that optimized the investment to reduce tag management costs.
  • Aqfer Universal Tag reduced technical workloads allowing technical engineers to focus on other priority tasks
  • Streamlined integration with partners to minutes not days with trusted tags.

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How Mastech InfoTrellis’ First-Party Data Solution powered by Aqfer can help you stay ahead of the game

  • Provides a unique HTTP approach to universal tagging that is future-proofed for browser and compliance regulations. 
  • Uses HTTP cookies that is marketer owned and served from the advertisers’ domain
  • Utilizes HTTP to seamlessly overcome this obstacle, whereas other competitive tags cannot, keeping our tags safe, secure, and always up to date

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