Front lining intelligence all the way

With all the discussions about a post-COVID world, it is quite possible that there may never be an actual post-COVID scenario. Greetings such as handshakes, high fives, and hugging may be a thing of the past, as the new normal post-COVID environment emerges with hotels, restaurants, and gyms starting to open up for business as usual. Regular patients are also getting comfortable returning to the hospitals who are taking appointments, answering questions, and providing relevant information to those who have postponed elective treatments and procedures. Nevertheless, all healthcare providers, especially hospitals, who are still busy on the front lines keeping us healthy and safe, do not have the necessary technology for a routine that responds more efficiently to the new normal. Moreover, creating the desired experience for patients was never simple to begin with. And in a bid to become better, hospitals are continuing to ask themselves the following questions:

How can:

  • patients interact with us on their preferred channel and get their questions answered on time?
  • healthcare providers get the right information about patient preferences, treatments, and other issues?
  • different stakeholders work together to offer a better patient experience?
Optimizing patient experience through service and relevance

Based on over a decade of experience in the healthcare space, Mastech InfoTrellis has built a Healthcare Provider Accelerator that creates a patient experience architecture to deliver personalized information, enhanced patient service, improved patient loyalty, and increased engagement for our clients’ patients. The Accelerator significantly decreases the risk of necessary technology improvements, as well as the cost and time to market.

The Accelerator Advantage

Mastech InfoTrellis’ Healthcare Provider Accelerator includes the following components that are highly customized for each of the client’s strategic priorities, tactical requirements, and internal systems:.

Patient Data Platform

Access to patient profiles, in-patient and out-patient procedures, appointments, doctor relationships, and digital preferences

Incredible Service

Omni-channel service applications that engage patients on the web, mobile, phone, chat, and AI bots to help resolve issues expediently and conveniently

Patient Journey

Ensures that the most relevant information, content, and services are displayed to the patient at the right time for them to take advantage of everything the hospital or medical network has to offer


Evaluates patient-centric programs to show how different content and approaches were received by patients to continually optimize the program

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