Mastech InfoTrellis collaborated with a leading Pharmacy Retailer from North America to design, build, and implement a Customer Data Platform that is utilized for customer analytics, marketing operations, strategic planning, and to feed customer information to various customer interaction systems around the organization. To improve the Pharmacy Retailer’s relationships with their customer in an integrated manner across every customer touchpoint required the data to achieve the shortest time to value.


The customer data held by the Pharmacy Retailer was scattered and not organized. The IT and business teams required heavy manual processes to create reports and analysis that would translate into effective business strategies. With more sources of customer data added, new customer analysis and discovery were hindered as there was no single repository for all data. This reduced the effectiveness of their business since it impacted customer experiences due to delays in response time for their queries. They needed a master customer information repository that fed on the data from web, mobile apps, point-of-sale cash registers, loyalty programs, and more.


Mastech InfoTrellis enabled the IT and business teams of the Pharmacy Retailer to develop and implement a complete Customer Data Platform solution. By creating a single data repository where new data sources are integrated as they become available, the Pharmacy Retailer was able to leverage new analysis, reports, models, and projections with minimal manual effort for the technical data integration. With a complete Customer Data Platform solution, Mastech InfoTrellis enabled the Pharmacy Retailer to effectively run analytics and roll out new marketing programs. The platform presented a better shopping experience with personalized offers and a simplified but efficient checkout process.



  • Increased staff productivity
  • Better analytics for effective decision-making
  • Faster response to customer queries


  • Decrease in production time to create new models and customer analytics
  • Lift in revenues by processing 30 million orders every week
  • Decrease in customer queries by 60% with customer self-service
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