The 311 department of this large U.S. city consisted of 23 agents who addressed over 1500 issues daily. Their call center managed and resolved a growing number of city and constituency requests related to tracking and managing field service work, billing and ticketing issues, health and safety for the management of public infrastructure assets, city water, animal services, city garbage, and sewers. The problems were ultimately resolved by multiple city departments, from the Police Department to Animal Control to Asset Management which required multiple applications. As the needs of the city grew, the 311 department found itself with numerous systems requiring duplicate data entry involving Microsoft excel spreadsheets, Outlook email, and Esri GIS. The city struggled to manage and resolve city and constituent requests and track the type of requests coming in from the city community. Ultimately, to increase efficiency, decrease costs, and geo-track city-related issues, the officials were in search of a single point, self-service solution with a multi-channel option for support.


After evaluating many solutions in the marketplace the city’s 311 department determined that Oracle 311 Rapid Start Solution offered the shortest time to value. Oracle outlined the path to reduce call volume through a strengthened knowledge base, reducing the time to first call resolution, enhancing and automating constituent self-service, supporting constituent and agent visibility to field inquiries, as well as improving the online experience. Through advancements with a robust knowledge base tool, web self-service, GIS integration, the solution addressed issues related to decreasing operational costs, enhancing the real-time geo-location of hotspots, and reduce issue resolution time. The solution tied together additional applications currently in use, fostering a smooth transition from the time the issue is recognized by a constituent to the time it gets resolved. The Oracle 311 Rapid Start Solution was also integrated with an animal tracking application, asset management application, and a city sewer and garbage management application.


Since then, the solution has helped the 311 department of this large U.S. city reduce the time from first call to resolution by improving Incident and Contact Management interactions. By providing “Location Hotspot” insight into issue management and tracking through GIS integration, the solution enabled robust Knowledge Management capabilities to promote easier self-service experiences. Furthermore, the city official and constituent experiences were enhanced by providing a user- friendly google maps experience with a dynamic web form, displaying based on the issue. The customer web portal web experience was also improved by seamlessly integrating CX knowledge across the city’s website. With the help of Oracle 311 Rapid Start Solution, the city’s departments obtained deep insight into constituent and operational analysis.

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