Offering personalized services with prescriptions

Customers are spoilt for choice in today’s digital world. Brick and mortar, on-line retailers, catalogers, and consumer packaged goods organizations are in a constant battle for engagement, market share, loyalty, and sales. Consumers use price comparison sites and aggregators to choose from among so many options, making the retailers’ selling cycle inconsistent. Pharmacies face an uphill battle as healthcare insurance providers are allowing their customers more choice for their drug purchases. Consumers ask, “What is really the difference?” The customer experience becomes the primary differentiator, especially the digital customer experience. Pharmacies are forced to provide customers with relevant recommendations, services, products, and offers with a single click. Armed with ever-increasing product information and purchasing channels, consumers demand consistency, relevancy, and speed. In a bid to become better, pharmacies ask themselves:

How can we:

  • make our customer service, stores, online presence, mobile apps, and marketing channels work together to strengthen consumer loyalty and profitability?
  • create an effective retention program to ensure that we are an integral part of our customers’ short and long-term health solutions?
  • make sure that our customers experience the most personalized relevant services we have to offer in a timely manner?
Optimizing customer experience through service and relevance

Based on over a decade of experience in the Pharmacy space, Mastech InfoTrellis has created the Pharmacy Marketing Accelerator with a set of technology assets that will create a customer experience architecture to deliver personalized offers, enhanced customer service, increased engagement, and loyalty for pharmacy retailers. This cloud-based solution decreases the risk and time to market for these enterprise solutions.

Pharamacy image
The Accelerator Advantage

Mastech InfoTrellis Pharmacy Marketing Accelerator includes the following components that are highly customized for each of the client’s strategic priorities, tactical requirements, and internal systems:

Customer IQ Starter

Quickly identify key customer behavior and product trends, channel preferences, and level of customer engagement with your products and services

Customer Data Platform

Access the most relevant information in real-time from POS, e-commerce, email marketing, search marketing, digital advertising, customer service, and product inventory

Customer Journey Orchestration

Create a centralized console to announce new services (vaccines), provide reminders, communicate offers, and proactive health information

Personalization Engine

Leveraging the Customer Data Platform and the Journey orchestration technology to provide personalized offers at the cash register, web site, social, and mobile apps

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